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Atkins Cruise & Tours

CALL: 210.805.8058     EMAIL: 

Jim Atkins

Italy, England, Antarctica, Austria, Hawaii Island

Cruises, Groups, World Cruises, Small Ship Cruises, European Culture

English, Italian, Spanish

Azamara Club Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Globus, Holland America Line

ECC - Elite Cruise Counsellor


Atkins Cruise and tours will have their 28th anniversary in June 2018. 

I have been around the world and would do it again.  Life is too short to stay at home and not see what the other side of the world has to offer.

My memories will last forever.  Let me share my memories with you and then you can see why travel is important to all.



Give me a call. BEEN THERE- DONE THAT!




We have been having using the Atkins Travel Agency since 2005 and they have arranged several trips for us. Our experience with them as been most enjoyable and very professional. We have nothing but good things to say about them and will continue to use their services.

Jim worked hard to put together a complicated trip for the elderly disabled woman I worked for. Her family is impossibly demanding and unappreciative. Because he is a professional he didn't let this get in the way of making certain that the clients trip was perfect. Being wheelchair bound makes traveling difficult. Jim took care of details Id never thought of. A lesser man would have lost patients with the entitled, arrogant son and left the elderly woman to deal with the consequence. Not Jim. He made light of the situation and made sure his client had a perfect trip.

My husband and I have used Jim & Marilyn Jenkins for years now. We know they will really do a good job and make the best arrangements possible at all times. We have been with them long enough that they seem like old friends. You could not ask for better people to work with.

I have used them several times for many trips I have taken overseas. They are extremely helpful and guide you to the best possible packages. I have always been so happy with all of the vacation plans they have set me up with. Never once have I been disappointed

Excellent service!